How to tell if a link is malicious without opening it

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Many of the viruses and computer attacks, whether against mobile phones or stationary computers, sneak into the operating system through a link. A recent example of this is Pegasus, the spyware that several governments around the world hired to spy on opponents and journalists. NSO, the company that produced this software, sent a link to its victims and, when they opened it, Pegasus was installed on the phone, taking advantage of security flaws in the system.

Many of the viruses and scams sneak onto devices by clicking on a link

Many of the scams that arrive by instant messaging or email follow a very similar method. Therefore, if you receive a link that, for whatever reason, we are suspicious, it is important to check before opening it to make sure it is a safe link. There are several ways to check if it is a secure link or not. Here’s how you can do this process:

How to tell if a link is malicious

Follow these steps to tell if a link directs to a malicious website without opening it:

-Analyze the link: If you suspect that the link might be malicious, the first thing you should do is analyze it. There are websites that allow you to scan URLs and tell you whether or not the link contains malware, or if it is on a security blacklist. Some of the most useful and simple ones are, and

-Hover over the URL: By hovering your mouse pointer over the link in question, you will be able to see the full link in the bottom right corner of the browser. This way, you will be able to see where the link actually takes you, as sometimes these links can be shortened and not contain all the necessary information.

-Analyze the code of the page: This option will only be useful to you if you have some knowledge of programming and web code. To do this, after clicking on the link, you must click on the “Inspect” option. This will open a box containing the code of the page in question. From there you can analyze and review all the content of the website to see whether or not it is dangerous for your device.

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