How to test the new Google Chrome design

How to enable Chrome Flags

Google Chrome has launched its new redesign, spearheaded by a deeper redesign that the browser will undergo during the year 2023 and that, for now, affects the visual part.

Google Chrome Canary is a standalone test app, so its operation and possible failures do not affect the version of Google Chrome installed on the computer

The first change is perceived in the tab bar of the browser frame, which acquires a bluish tone, almost reminiscent of the preponderant color in Chrome years ago. But behind this recovery of the air of previous designs stands out the renewal in terms of the design of buttons and text boxes, such as the one displayed when you want to add a web page to Favorites. The master lines of design in this section bet, both in drop-down menus and buttons, by the rounded appearancealso in line with the usual spherical Chrome logo.

This design, however, does not appear by default to all users who update their browser but there are those who want to start already to enjoy it must follow these steps detailed below, since it is not enough to have the latest update of Google Chrome.

How to test the new Google Chrome design

First of all you have to install Google Chrome Canarya test version named after the canary that was introduced into mines to warn of possible leaks of firedamp gas, and in this case allows the user to experiment with the preliminary versions and in the process of developing new browser features. As it is installed as a standalone app, it does not affect the operation of the version of Google Chrome already installed on the computer.

Next, to activate the Google Chrome revamp you need to open Google Chrome Canary and type the following:


In the window that opens, look for the “Chrome Refresh 2023” option and in the drop-down menu on the right, activate the “Enabled” option. Just restart Google Chrome Canary and it will start working.

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