How to track the shipment of your packages in Mercado Libre

If you are new to Mercado Libre and have made a purchase, It is vital that you learn how to track the shipment of your packages so that you know where they are and what is the possible delivery time. Thanks to this, you will always be informed and you will be able to prepare to receive what you purchased without setbacks.

So, so that you know how to track your packages in Mercado Libre, here you will find a simple tutorial that will allow you to have access to the information about your purchases in real time. All the tools you need are found within the Mercado Libre platform.

Guide to track your packages in Mercado Libre

You can track each of your packages both on the website and in the Mercado Libre app, both procedures are safe, fast and easy, so there is nothing to worry about.

Control your packages from the web

– The first step is to enter the Mercado Libre portal on the Internet. Log in and press the option called “My Purchases” (located in the upper right corner).

View your purchasesView your purchases

– Next, touch the “See Purchase” button, this is located on the right side of the product you purchased.

View shipping informationView shipping information

– Now the platform will show the route that the package is taking and when it could arrive at its destination.

Track your orders from the app

– Enter the Mercado Libre application that is on your mobile

– Press the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner

Free Market OptionsFree Market Options

– A side menu will open that will show you several alternatives, press the “My purchases” option

Shopping sectionShopping section

– Select the product you have purchased to obtain shipping information

Shopping sectionShopping section

– Now Mercado Libre will show you all the details of the package shipping

That's all you have to do, as you have seen, it is an extremely simple procedure both on the web and in the application. The same Mercado Libre platform will give you all the information you need so you know when the package will arrive at its destination.

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