How to transfer a Netflix user profile

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The function “Profile Transfer” of Netflix makes it easy for users to take their profiles with them in case they change accounts, something that can be very useful, for example, if they are going to stop sharing an account with other users and want to transfer, to the new personal account, all stored information, viewing history, content marked as favorites, and so on.

Netflix has removed the possibility of account sharing between users who do not live in the same household

The streaming platform Netflix allows in the Standard and Premium subscription modes that the account can be used by up to two additional users, who have profiles of their own, in exchange for paying an extra €5.99 per month.

Each of these profiles have a differentiated access to the contents and a record of the activity, preferences and actions of each of the users sharing an account is stored in them.

In the event that any of these users becomes an account holder, all this information can be transferred from their profile in a shared account to another new account.

This includes all viewing history, personalized recommendations, lists, games, settings… up to the point at which the playback of a movie or series has been interrupted. All the information associated with the use that each user has made from their profile can be transferred to another account.

How to transfer your Netflix profile

When one of the users hires his own account, he will be able to find in it all this information from his usage history by transferring it in a simple way. To do this, you have to follow these steps from the website through a browser:

-Go to the home page of Netflix.

-Access through the user profile.

-Click on the iconicon, which will display a menu with different options.

-Select the option “Transfer profile”.

-Follow the instructions.

This option can be deactivated later at any time. On the other hand, if you want to cancel your Netflix account, here’s how to do it.

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