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As announced by Google last September, from next January 18 Google Stadia, its online gaming servicebut fortunately for its users, this does not necessarily mean losing neither the titles acquired on this platform nor the saved games.

Google Stadia is Alphabet’s online video game platform.

The developers of the titles themselves, aware of the problems arising from this situation, have made available to players ways to keep these purchases by moving them to alternative platforms to Google Stadia, which will allow the gaming experience to continue.

The means arranged for some of the most popular titles of the moment are explained below:

– “Cyberpunk 2077”: Game data can be downloaded to the computer manually thanks to the Google Takeout tool by following the instructions provided by the developer studio itself on its website.

– “Destiny 2: In this case you have to activate the mode that allows you to save game data between different platforms, all before January 18, when Google Stadia will no longer be active.

– “Hitman 3: The developer IO Interactive allows to store the progress in the game through the method “Stadia Progression Carryover”, operational on different platforms, both on PC (Windows, Steam or Epic) and on Xbox or PlayStation game consoles. This will require linking the IOI account and the Stadia account before January 18. This function will be activated as of January 11.

– “The Elder Scrolls Online”: Access can be activated from the Bethesda (Elder Scroll developer) account, from where you can download and play this title on both PC and Mac, so you can continue your game right where you left off.

In the case of Ubisoft’s home Ubisoft has opted for. offer free PC copies of the games available on Google Stadia. (with a few exceptions, including “Just Dance” titles). To get them, it is necessary to link Google Stadia and Ubisoft accounts before January 18.

Finally, Google is going to refund the amounts paid on purchases made in the Stadia Store online store.including hardware purchases made through the Google Store. This refund process started last November and is expected to be completed by January 18. Users who are entitled to these refunds will receive an email notifying them.

Google takeout stadia

Google Stadia, the popular cloud gaming platform, has made it easier than ever to transfer your games with the introduction of Google Takeout Stadia. This new feature allows Stadia users to seamlessly move their game library from one account to another, making it a breeze to switch devices or share games with friends and family.

With Google Takeout Stadia, you no longer have to worry about losing your progress or purchasing games multiple times. Simply log into your Stadia account, navigate to the settings menu, and select the “Transfer” option. From there, you can choose which games you’d like to transfer and specify the destination account.

One of the key benefits of Google Takeout Stadia is its versatility. Whether you’re upgrading to a new device or want to share your game library with a loved one, this feature has you covered. You can transfer your games to a different Stadia account or even to a friend’s account, as long as they have a Stadia-compatible device.

It’s important to note that Google Takeout Stadia is not limited to transferring purchased games. You can also transfer any game that you have claimed for free through Stadia Pro. This means that even if you cancel your subscription, you can still keep your free games and transfer them to another account.

In addition to transferring games, Google Takeout Stadia also allows you to transfer your game saves and achievements. This ensures that you won’t lose any progress or hard-earned rewards when moving to a different account. It’s a seamless and convenient way to continue your gaming journey without any disruptions.

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