How to transfer your Google Podcasts to YouTube Music

Google Podcasts will close in April 2024, as reported by Google, so there is no going back. All content in the app can be transferred to YouTube Music so you don't lose what you have saved.

If you have information stored in Google Podcasts that you don't want to disappear, don't worry. Here we will teach you how to transfer the data you have accumulated to YouTube Music so that all those podcasts that you love and that you have discovered over many years are not lost.

Guide to transfer your Google Podcasts to YouTube Music

YouTube Music is one of the best options because the procedure for importing subscriptions is easy, free of unnecessary restrictions or complicated methods. By following a few simple instructions everything will be ready, there will be no annoying obstacles in the process.

– Go to Google Podcasts, in the upper area you will see the “Export subscriptions” option, click on it.

– Several alternatives will be displayed, select “Export to YouTube Music”. Then, confirm the action by pressing “Export”. The YouTube Music app will automatically open. If the application is not installed, the system will ask you to download it.

– Press, “Transfer as” to start the migration process. A notice will appear about the possibility of hosting third-party podcasts, press “Continue”. You will need to wait a couple of minutes or less for the file transmission to complete.

– Once the process is complete, enter the “Library” section of YouTube Music to manage the content you transferred from Google Podcasts.

As you have seen, it is a simple procedure, since the Google Podcasts export tool greatly facilitates the transfer of information. Likewise, YouTube Music is an open system that will not put any type of restriction on you when hosting content, which is a great advantage for procedures like this because you will do them quickly.

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