How to translate text from images using Google

Need to translate from an image or PDF? Look no further – with Google, you can easily translate text from images using their powerful built-in optical character recognition. This quick guide will explain the steps needed to get the job done in no time.

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Google Translator allows translation of labels from imagesnot only from the app but also from its website. Thanks to it, the user can upload an image containing a text in a language other than his own and obtain its translation in real time.

Google Translator uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

This feature is especially useful for travelers who are in a country whose language they do not know. In this regard, it can be used as a complement to Google Voice Translator, which allows you to know the pronunciation of words in another language.

It will no longer be necessary to look up in the dictionary every word that appears on a menu, a sign or an advertising poster; it will be enough to take a photo and upload it to the Google Translator page to obtain its translation.

Image translation OCR technology

The technology behind this technology is the same as optical character recognition (OCR). OCR is responsible for identifying the words in an image and converting them into textand from there, Google Translator takes care of translating that text into any language.

According to Google this feature uses its artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve the quality of translations. The AI not only takes care of the translation itself but also makes sure that. that the context and meaning of the words are correct.. In addition, AI allows Google Translator to learn and improve over time, ensuring that translations are increasingly accurate.

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It can therefore also be a very useful tool for students who need to translate texts from their textbooks or for professionals who work with documents in several languages. However, it is important to keep in mind that this function is not perfect. As with any translation there can always be errors and translations will not always be perfect. It is therefore advisable to use this new feature as a support tool but not as the only source of translation. This is especially advisable if you are getting a translation for a professional document or project.

How to use Google Image Translator

To use it, just go to the Google Translator page where a new tab called “Images” is displayed. From there you can upload a photo or a screenshot directly from your computer, and the Google engine will return the translation instantly.

In addition to translation this feature offers other options:

-Copy the translated text

-Show both images simultaneously

-Download the new image already translated

As with Google Lens, Google Translator will be able to automatically detect up to 113 different languages in which it will be able to do two-way translation.

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