How to travel through time with Google Earth Timelapse

Google Earth is the Google tool that allows you to view images of planet Earth from practically completely different positions. You can search for almost any place, landform, monument … and get a bird’s eye view from your computer or mobile phone – both Android and iOS – and zoom in and out in three dimensions at will on many occasions. You can also view interesting content such as the freshwater reserves on the planet or locate animals and migratory movements, among other things.

With the new time-lapse function of Google Earth images of the planet earth can be displayed for 37 years

What was previously not possible, however, is time travel. However, Google just released the Time Lapse feature for Google Earth, the biggest new feature added to the app since it launched in 2017, and has now added 24 million photos taken via satellite over the past 37 years .

In this way, Google Earth users can now see how much time has passed through the different places the service shows, how important monuments, cities have changed in the last four decades, how small towns have grown or how many others have disappeared .

As promised by Google, the Google Earth service is updated with new time-lapse images every year. Check out the video below for more information on Google Earth Timelapse

How to enable Google Earth Timelapse

With Google Earth Timelapse you can see how the planet has evolved over time. To use this feature, all you have to do is enter and use the search bar to select any location on the planet where you want to see the time “in motion”.

There is another way to get to Timelapse: open Google Earth and click the wheel to search for Timelapse on the Voyager Story platform.

How to watch time lapse videos

In addition, Google has uploaded 800 time-lapse videos in 2D and 3D for public use, which you can access at the following address:

Once inside, you can choose any video you want as a ready-to-use MP4 video or watch the videos directly on YouTube.

With the content that Google Earth Timelapse contains, it is also possible, for example, to analyze how the planet is changing thanks to its agreement with Carnegie Mellon University. Hence, it offers a guided tour through five fundamental themes: forest changes, urban growth, warming, energy sources and the fragile beauty of our world. This content will help you understand how changes on the planet are affecting people’s lives as well.

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