How to uninstall apps on a Chromebook computer

Using a Chromebook offline

Running on the ChromeOS operating system based on Google’s Chrome browser, the Chromebook operating system allows the computers that install it (usually modestly featured laptops) to have great ease of operation and be able to simply install applications according to a model very similar to that of the Android environmentwith which it is related.

Chromebooks run the ChromeOS operating system, based on Google’s Chrome browser

But sometimes the installation of applications can lead to setbacks: apps that do not work, do not fulfill the mission expected of them or fall into disuse. As the storage capacity of these devices is not too high, it is advisable not to accumulate unused apps, so occasional cleaning or the habit of not allowing unused applications to remain on the device are highly recommended practices.

Fortunately, the way to uninstall applications in the ChromeOS environment is extremely simple.

How to uninstall applications in ChromeOS

Just look for a small circle that appears at the bottom left of the screen and allows you to open the Launcher. It displays the uninstall optionwhich can be activated by right-clicking on the icon corresponding to the application to be uninstalled.

A new window will then appear asking for confirmation of the action to be executed, after which you will have to click again on the “Uninstall” option.

As stated, there is a strong resemblance between the operation of the ChromeOS ecosystem and that of Android present on mobile devices, so in the event of a later regret about an uninstallation of an app, the process to reinstall it is just as simple as with mobiles or tablets.

Simply access the Google Play Store, search for the required application and reinstall it with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Although Chromebook computers are prepared to be able to operate without any problem without an Internet connection, it is worth bearing in mind that in most cases they rely heavily on the connection to the Web and the use of the Cloud.

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