How to upload videos to Google Drive correctly

Upload videos to Google Drive

Nowadays it is very common to make all kinds of videos and have them in your mobile memory, which takes up a lot of space. Surely you do not want to lose them, even if it is by accident, so it is always a great idea to upload videos to platforms that are in the cloud, as is the case with Google Drive. In addition, having apps to compress videos at your service makes the task even easier.

If you have a Google account, you are ready to store everything you need in Drive.

In this sense, Google Drive is available on all current mobile operating systems and has become one of the most versatile services. There are several ways to easily upload videos to this tool, here we will tell you what they are and what you can do to perform this procedure as it should be.

how to upload videos to Google Drive from iPhone and Android?

– Log into the Drive app and go to the folder where you want to upload videos.

– Press on the floating plus (+) icon in the lower right corner. Then click on “Upload”.

– At this point you have several options, either upload a single video from the browser or select several simultaneously. To do this, just press and hold the first file you want to upload, and then click on the other videos. Finally, choose “Select” to choose them all.

– When you have designated the material, the upload will be done in the background, you will not need to stay inside the application.

From the computer

– Open the “Settings / Preferences” section of Google Drive by clicking on the Drive icon (it is in the lower right corner).

– Being at this point, select “Add folder” so you can choose the files you want to synchronize in the cloud.

– When you have chosen the folder, you will also have at hand the option to sync videos to Google Photos, which is really useful.

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