How to use a Chromebook without an Internet connection

Using a Chromebook offline

Chromebooks are laptops designed for simple tasks, especially those that are related to office automation. To fulfill that purpose, the computer has to be connected to the Internet, as it depends on it to work at its best. This is how you can run Android apps, have the ability to edit PDF documents, run a title to play on the computer, etc.

Chrome OS has made great strides since its inception, no longer totally dependent on a connection.

Now, even though an Internet connection is indispensable on these devices, the truth is that you can indeed use a Chromebook offline. There are some basic activities that you can perform, which is extremely useful if you are in a hurry.

Currently, an offline Chromebook can run many of the applications that are cloud-based. In addition, the data is synced as soon as you reconnect to the Internet. Here’s how you can achieve this on your Google computer in the simplest way possible.

Use Google Drive without Internet

The following sections will work perfectly offline: Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings. Any files you have created in these applications will be automatically saved to the Chromebook and available offline.

Practically, you don’t have to do anything, just access the sections normally, you will just see a small notice that says “Working offline” (it will be next to the title of the document). Any changes you make will be saved locally on the Chromebook until you get back online.

Gmail without Internet

– While you are online, open the Gmail app on your Chromebook.

– Click on the gear in the upper right corner to pull down the “Settings” menu.

– Click on “View all settings”.

– Select the “Offline” tab.

– Choose “Enable offline mail.”

– Choose that you want to keep offline data when you log out.

– Finally, tap on “Save changes”.

Logging into Google Play Movies and TV shows on a Chromebook offline

– Open the Google TV app.

– Complete the initial setup if you have not already done so.

– Click on “Your stuff” (option in the lower right corner).

– Select the “Movies” or “Programs” tab.

– Click on the “Download” button on the movie or program you wish to have on your Chromebook.

– Finally, choose the resolution, either HD or SD, and click “Apply”.

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