How to use a VPN on your mobile phone

In a world where online privacy and security is increasingly threatened, using one of the best mobile VPNs is one of the best measures you can take to mitigate these dangers. With the proliferation of mobile phones with Internet connections, VPNs no longer only have a place on traditional computers.

In this video, we are going to teach you how to configure and use a VPN on your mobile phone.

Why you should use a VPN on your mobile

But what is a VPN? VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network or virtual private network. A VPN is, therefore, a private “tunnel” that allows us to encrypt the connection between our devices and a network. This is achieved by routing our connection data through the servers of the company that provides us with the VPN.

This way, IP address and connection location can be hidden and traffic can be shielded from anyone who wants to monitor them; whether it is the administrator of the network to which we are connected, our Internet provider or someone who has broken into our network.

This has a multitude of uses. From increasing privacy in general, to bypassing Internet censorship that may exist by a government or an Internet provider. It is even possible to access region-locked content, such as certain movies or series on streaming platforms that are available in only some countries.

There are dozens of options when choosing a VPN for our mobile phone, whether you use Android or iOS. The operation of all of them follows the same principles and a universal truth applies to all of them: paid versions will always offer more features than free VPNs. In the video we use Surfshark as an example, but the number of good VPNs available is very high.

Although VPNs are not a mandatory tool when using your mobile phone, it is undeniable that they provide an extra layer of security that never hurts.

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