How to use a VPN to get cheaper airline tickets


In addition to their usual use for secure browsing and being able to connect to the Internet from locations other than the usual ones with maximum privacy, VPNs (virtual private networks) can help with an arduous task especially in the summer season: finding cheap flights.

A VPN is an intermediary in the connection that encrypts the data giving security and privacy to the information that is handled

And it is that the encryption protection the protection provided by this type of tools has uses beyond the professional or personal ones in which protection against prying eyes is sought, favoring in the case of online shopping the possibility of accessing web pages from other countries without the system detecting the origin of the connection.

By hiding the IP from which you access it the web pages that restrict the offers instead of the country of origin will no longer have any effect. And this is especially interesting at this time of the year when people are looking for the most affordable prices on airline tickets.

Additionally, flight search websites usually leave cookies on the computers from which the queries are made that identify the user and their searches, so that sometimes the information is used to show flights that are not more interesting for the user but more profitable for the company. In this case, in order to avoid this, it would not be sufficient to use the incognito browsing mode, but the next step would have to be taken by activating a VPN.

Once the most convenient VPN has been selected and its use has been activated, it will be sufficient to access the various websites of both airlines and online flight search engines. From this moment on, they will no longer be able to determine the location from which you are accessing the site, nor will they save the preferences you have established in the flight searches to offer results that prioritize the interest of the airlines to that of the traveler.

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