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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network which allows access to the Internet through an intermediate point. This provides privacy, being able to anonymize the connection and, in the case of use for professionals and companies, improves security by establishing a sort of local network isolated from the rest of the Internet between remote computers. But these are just some of its uses, and the one we are dealing with today has to do with using this type of connection to access selectively available content in some of the markets in which Netflix operates.

Netflix limits the availability of its content in some countries due to broadcast rights negotiation issues

Not all content on streaming platforms such as Netflix is available at the same time in all countries where they have a presence. Usually broadcasting rights are negotiated in blocks with distributors, exhibitors or television channels in different countries or territories, which means that there are differences in terms of dates of availability or even that they are available on one or the other platforms.

When accessing Netflix, the network discriminates between the territory from which the connection is made and the user’s country of residence, so that, depending on the case, it may happen that content available on Netflix is only accessible in other countries or, conversely, that when traveling abroad and connecting to the Internet with your own password, Netflix detects that access is being made from another territory and there is content that is not accessible even though it is accessible in the user’s country of origin.

In fact for these causes at present there is no country in the world that has access to the entire catalog of Netflix content, there is always some blocking by country or territory. Luckily, these conflicts can be avoided by using a VPN, although it is not the definitive solution since Netflix, aware of this practice, keeps an exhaustive surveillance on those IP addresses that are widely used to access their services from VPN.

Therefore, and once you use some VPN service, the following tips will have to be taken into account:

-Performing tests through different servers used by VPNs in order to find the one that works best.

-Change protocols of the VPN, a resource that sometimes works and avoids having to change the server and/or its location.

-Use a different VPN. As there are multiple alternatives (many of them free), it may be that if it is impossible to use a specific one, it may be enough to use a different one.

In various Internet forums there are conversations where users post their recommendations on the VPNs that offer the best results, in most cases related to the locations of use, as well as which ones are specifically recommended for accessing Netflix content in territories and countries other than the user’s own.

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