How to use Artificial Intelligence in Gmail and Google Docs

The modern digital workplace offers companies the opportunity to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enhanced productivity with tools like Gmail and Google Docs. AI-powered features make tasks like managing emails, formatting documents, and scheduling meetings much easier than ever. This tutorial will explain how to use AI in Gmail and Google Docs to make your workday easier.

Gmail update

Google has added a number of artificial intelligence (AI)-based features to its suite of productivity apps, Google Workspace, which includes Docs, Presentations and Gmail. The company, which is developing its own AI models, following the lead of Bing and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which have demonstrated the capabilities of conversational bots and brought AI to the forefront.

Google adds a writing assistant to Docs and Gmail.

The AI consists of a writing assistant in Docs and Gmail.allowing users to generate texts by simply providing a brief description of the topic. The “Help me write” tool will generate a draft for the user based on the information provided. In addition Google will also deploy a function to “formalize” texts. It will take the notes from a meeting and rewrite them according to the chosen tone, whether more or less formal.

Google Workspace Artificial Intelligence Features.

Some of the examples of functionalities that can be achieved by the Google Docs or Gmail user thanks to AI could be the following:

-Manage emails classifying them, summarizing their contents, generating draft replies or even answering them in an automated way.

-Automated editing of thank you e-mails to customers or suppliers.

-Generate drafts of documents, communications, reports…

-Complete the application for a job position (description, responsibilities, requirements…)-

-Aggregate information from user memos to compose an e-mail message.

-Correct Stylistically and rewrite documents or e-mail messages.

Starting from the draft versions proposed by Google’s AI the user can refine them, expand them, summarize them or add other content.

In the case of Presentations, Google integrates generative AI to allow users to generate digital pieces for their jobs through textual prompts. In this way, it is sufficient to enter the instructions (also called prompts in the AI domain) using natural text to achieve images, sounds and video. This is very similar to IMAGE, DALL-E or Stable Diffusion, tools that use AI to create multimedia content.

In the case of Meet or Chat the AI integrated in Google facilitates the creation of workflows, the capture of notes or the summary of the positions exposed by the participants in the conversation.

Google has been cautious about rolling out these new features, citing the emerging and rapidly evolving nature of AI technology. Gmail and Docs writing assistance capabilities with a tentative initial rollout, deferring new features related to Presentations to an initial rollout date not yet assigned on the calendar.

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