How to use Bing’s AI-based Image Maker

The Bing AI-based Image Maker is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that lets users create beautiful images in just moments, without needing any prior knowledge or experience of graphic design. Bing’s AI-based Image Maker provides users with an array of options to quickly design eye-catching visual elements and select from professionally-designed templates. With this innovative tool, users can add their own element of creativity to their design, easily personalizing the template and turning a normal image into something that stands out.

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Microsoft includes Image Maker in its Bing search engine. It is an artificial intelligence image generator based on DALL-E technology.

Generative AIs are capable of responding to text requests made with natural language by offering images or elaborated texts as a response

DALL-E is an image generation technology developed by OpenAI, creator also of the popular ChatGPT. In this case, instead of generating conversations, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create images from descriptive text.

This technology is based on the use of neural networks that allow the system to learn autonomously. This allows it to continuously improve and create increasingly accurate and realistic images.

In the case of new AI applications, it is sufficient to present them with instructions (prompts) of text formulated in a natural way so that the response is the generation of a text or an image that corresponds to the description.

How to use the Microsoft Bing Image Maker

The Bing Image Creator is accessed from the Images tab of the search engine. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it allows you to create images from keywords. Users can enter a series of keywords and the Bing image generator creates an image that matches them. For example, if the words “beach”, “sun” and “sea” are entered, the generator will create an image of a sunny beach with the sea in the background.

One of the advantages of this technology is its ability to create images quickly and efficiently. The Bing image generator can create an image in a matter of seconds, making it a very useful tool for those who need to create images quickly and do not have time to design them manually.


Bing Image Maker is also very easy to use. Users can access it directly from the Bing search engine itself, which means there is no need to download or install any additional software. Once the keywords are entered, the image generator will automatically create the image and display it on the screen.

It is also capable of creating high quality images. The images generated by this system are high resolution and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from social media postings to presentations and school projects.

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