How to use ChatGPT in Microsoft Excel

Tutorial for using ChatGPT in Excel

Using ChatGPT in Excel is a great solution if you are tired of having to leave your spreadsheet to search for formulas on the Internet or to optimize the use of the tool. Using this Artificial Intelligence will allow you to get the most out of Microsoft’s famous productivity suite.

ChatGPT can help you complete complex Excel tasks in a matter of moments.

To use ChatGPT in Excel you won’t need to download anything, just go to the chatbot page. Log in with your user name and start using it. The only thing you will have to do is ask ChatGPT to help you with a formula in Excel, or to calculate a range of cells, for example. These are some of the things you can do with ChatGPT in Excel:

What ChatGPT can do in Excel

– Data analysis: ask ChatGPT for the formula to generate charts based on data ranges.

– Formulas: you can ask the bot to provide you with any type of formula you need for your workbook, such as the formula to calculate the sum of a range of cells.

– Macros: ChatGPT can help you create a macro that copies the contents of one cell to another.

– Number rounding: another of the formulas you can ask ChatGPT for. Simply ask it to tell you how to make Excel round any decimal amount to the nearest whole number.

– Data sorting: by performing this prompt, the AI will provide you with information to generate macros that sort a set of data in descending order, to give an example.

– Calculation of averages: ask ChatGPT for the formula to calculate the average of the desired range of cells.

Some tips for using ChatGPT in Excel

You will do well to follow the following tips when using ChatGPT in Excel:

– Start with simple approaches: this tip is extremely useful. The idea is to start by posing specific and simple problems to the bot. This way you can familiarize yourself with how the tool works. For example, you can try asking it to help you create a pivot table and then ask it for answers to more complex tasks.

– Give clear and concise directions: this is an essential recommendation for any type of AI query. However, this is even more relevant when using ChatGPT in Excel. Remember that a very convoluted indication can negatively influence the chatbot’s ability to give an accurate answer.

– Verify the bot’s response: Although ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence that is characterized by its accuracy, sometimes not all its answers are what you are actually looking for. For that reason, a good tip is to test more than once the correct functioning of all the Excel formulas that the tool provides you with.

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