How to use ChatGPT to create a presentation

Using ChatGPT to create presentations

Using ChatGPT to create a Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is yet another of the many uses you can give to OpenAI’s proprietary tool. That way you will save yourself from having to design the slides, write the text and search for suitable images.

Produce the presentation text with ChatGPT and then use SlidesAI to generate the slides.

In the following step-by-step you will combine ChatGPT’s ability to generate text with SlidesAI. This is a Google Slides add-on that will allow you to produce presentations from scratch with just a couple of clicks. All this can be done from the official ChatGPT app if it is more convenient for you.

How to generate presentation text with ChatGPT

Before you start using SlidesAI to design the slides you need to have the text you want to include. To do this you must provide basic and very precise information about the presentation to the chatbot. Remember to specify very well the topic, the points you want to discuss and the type of audience to which the presentation will be addressed.

In addition to the above, another fundamental aspect will be to tell ChatGPT the structure of the presentation, as well as the number of slides you will use. The latter is crucial, since if you use SlidesAI in its free version, you will not be able to generate a presentation of more than eight slides or exceed 2500 characters.

Design the body of the presentation with SlidesAI

The first step will be to install SlidesAI in Google Slides by accessing the tool’s add-on store. Simply create a blank presentation, go to the “Extensions” menu and choose to download SlidesAI. Follow the instructions and install the add-on. Now follow these steps:

– Enter the “Extensions” menu again.

– Select SlidesAI and click on “Generate slides”.

– A new window will open where you should paste the text obtained with ChatGPT.

– Choose the type of presentation and the number of slides.

– Click on the “Replace existing slides” option.

– Go to the “Themes” tab and choose a style.

– Once you have chosen the style, go back to the “Text” tab and click on “Create Slide”.

– Done, Slides AI will take a few minutes to generate the presentation based on the text provided by ChatGPT.

Next will be to add some finishing touches, remember that AI is still prone to make mistakes, so it is advisable to take a look at the whole document. On the other hand, if you want to save the PowerPoint presentation, just click on “Files”, then “Download” and finally select PowerPoint.

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