How to use ChatGPT to improve SEO rankings

How to use Chat GPT in SEO

Generative Artificial Intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, are often widely used for SEO. content creation. However, this type of use can end up becoming a risk for SEO, either by the creation of duplicate content, by EEAT infringement or by the generation of content without personality or thin content (low quality content that Google penalizes).

Chat GPT can become an excellent ally to perform repetitive or cumbersome SEO tasks, freeing up time and allowing us to concentrate on more important tasks.

Luckily, in Google’s latest update they have pointed out that the search engine has no problems with AI-generated content, as long as it is useful contentquality, informative and not repetitive or empty.

But beyond content writing, tools like ChatGPT can help us perform a number of tasks, from the simplest ones related to On Page SEO to the more complex technical SEO.

How ChatGPT helps SEO

-Clustering keywords: ChatGPT is capable of “clustering” or semantically grouping groups of keywords. The ChatGPT user interface allows clustering up to 100 keywords and returns a list with sorted bullet points.

-Create a schema markup: One of the most common uses of ChatGPT in SEO is the creation of schema markup. Simply tell ChatGPT the type of markup schema you want to create and what page it is for. Once the result is returned, just check and run the result in a validation tool. Finally, we implement the schema and send the URL to Google.

-Redact FAQs: ChatGPT can create question and answer pages (FAQs) easily. For this task, the entire page must be pasted into the chat (since ChatGPT cannot visit the page) and the AI will generate several sample FAQs. The answers are usually brief, which is ideal for creating an FAQ schema. Once created and reviewed, we can create a schema markup with them to add to the page.

-Redact meta descriptions: Chat GPT is able to summarize very long texts in a few words and brilliantly. This is because natural language processing models can extract the main ideas from a text and condense them into a single paragraph. Therefore, we can paste in a piece of content and ask it to make a 60-word summary for our meta descriptions. It is important to make sure that keywords are always included in them.

Other aspects to take into account for positioning thanks to ChatGPT.

-Search for topics: Although ChatGPT cannot access the Internet to search for keywords, it can be used in combination with other SEO tools to perform topic searches on which to generate content. Simply identify the keywords you want to rank for and ask ChatGPT to create related topic ideas.

-Content outlines: With the information from the previous point, ChatGPT can be used to create a content outline or brief. The brief will contain the title, subtitles and a summary of each of the most important points to be communicated. These outlines can be used as a basis for writing the content.

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