How to use content to improve a local SEO strategy

Local SEO the main challenges it faces

Local SEO allows us to improve the visibility of our business and be discovered by customers in our area. In this sense, the content we publish on our website and in directories such as Google Business Profiles, must be optimized to position us for the right terms and keywords that respond to the searches of users in our area.

A good content strategy can be the best way to get visibility locally.

In this article we want to go over the best ways of take advantage of the contents to create a local SEO strategy and attract more customers to our business:

-Optimize the content created: The first step is to find all the content we have already created on the Internet. In this sense, we must not be satisfied only with the entries on our website, but we must also look for the content we have created in social networks, forums or business directories. To optimize the content, it will be necessary to perform a keyword search to find the most appropriate terms for our area.

-Optimize the website: Once we are clear about the words we should use to optimize the content, it is time to optimize the website. It is necessary to choose a keyword that should appear in the title, the meta-description, as well as in the main image. We will also have to review all the images on the website and make sure they are optimized. At the same time, we must review any page or post we have published and check that it is optimized for SEO.

-Contact page: Many designers and webmasters forget about the contact page and it is a page to which Google attaches a lot of value. An unoptimized contact page can lead a company to lose many business opportunities. This page should contain all the necessary information for users, which means that it should contain the name, address and phone number of the company, its opening hours, an interactive map that allows users to navigate (nowadays it is very easy, since Google Maps can be embedded in any web page) and a contact form for those who prefer to contact by email.

-Create local content: Content is king, therefore, one of the best Local SEO strategies is to create content that brings value to users in the area. For example, if we have a restaurant we can create a list with “The 10 best typical dishes of the area” or with guides about activities or places in our area.

-Local publications: Another way to gain visibility is to contact local media and ask them to publish a guest article. On the other hand, we can invite them to an event or a tasting, if we want to promote a restaurant, to write themselves an article about our business.

-Social networks: Social networks are a good showcase for any business. Promoting our website content in local Facebook and LinkedIn groups can be a good way to improve our visibility. Likewise, it is important to follow and participate in these groups to discover events and opportunities to gain visibility.

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