How to use Dark Mode on any page with Chrome

How to force Dark Mode in Chrome

Google’s Chrome web browser has numerous options and features for personalized browsing. You can use Chrome Flags to try experimental features, play around and customize your experience. Forced Dark Mode on all web pages is part of these Chrome Flags.

Browse with Google Chrome by blocking pop-ups and advertising messages.

Dark Mode is currently used manually in Chrome.and a button can be pressed for each website to switch to this display mode. However, not all websites have been configured for this feature. That’s why Chrome includes it as a special setting that forces Dark Mode on any page. The result is efficient, but when all web designers integrate Dark Mode by default, the experience will surely be neater.

How to use Dark Mode on all websites with Chrome?

The function for force Dark Mode is present since Chrome 78. In Chrome version 103 (July this year) it is still in effect. It is an experimental feature that has not yet been officially included in the web browser. In the future it may appear as a traditional configuration option, but at the moment it must be activated from chrome://flags.

Once the user enters that address, they can. manually search or type in Dark Mode. in the search box.
In the Automatic Dark Mode for Web Content slider tab you have to select the Enabled option.
You have to restart the web browser to confirm the new settings.

As this is a experimental functionSome web pages may present complications. It is recommended to browse the web and test different sites. In case the experience is not the desired one, the function is disabled in the same way. It is necessary to repeat the process and select Disable in the sliding menu. Although Dark Mode is a trend today, it is not to the taste of all users, so disable it if you are not satisfied.

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