How to use Google Advanced Search

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Beyond the usual search engine interface, Google also has an advanced search mode. This option allows you to perform searches with greater precision, including various filters so that you can find what you are looking for more quickly.

Google’s advanced search option allows you to include a series of filters and parameters to find more effectively what you are looking for

The ordinary Google page is very useful if you are looking for generalities. However, if you want to find something very specific it will be difficult to find it due to the immense amount of information available on the network. It is in those cases when it can be of great help to know how to use Google’s advanced search system.

This system includes the possibility of delimiting a series of parameters and criteria to refine the search. For example, the date of publication of what we are looking for, word or phrases includedlanguages and regions of the world from where this information has been issued and the web or domain in question.

How to access Google’s advanced search

Here’s how to access this advanced Google search system:

-“Settings”: Log in to, either from your computer or from your cell phone. Once the page has loaded, click on the option that says “Settings”. On the computer interface you will see this option appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

-“Advanced Search.” When you click on “Settings” you will see a tab with a series of options. The one we are interested in now is the second one, the one that says “Advanced Search”.

Google advanced search

-Advanced search page: Google will now take you to a new screen where you can fill in some or all of the fields it offers. This is where you should enter the criteria that can help you find what you are looking for.

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