How to use Google Bard in WhatsApp

Activate Google Bard in WhatsApp

Have Google Bard on WhatsApp is already possible. Google’s answer to ChatGPT, as we saw in the Google Bard vs ChatGPT comparison, is a generative AI that has certain features that allow it to differentiate itself from the famous OpenAI product.

Chat with Google’s AI chatbot as if it were one of your WhatsApp contacts.

However, have Google Bard on WhatsApp is very similar to having ChatGPT in the popular instant messaging app. Basically, you will have access to a tool to which you can ask any question and generate all sorts of creative content. Below, we explain how to install Bard in WhatsApp.

How to use Google Bard in WhatsApp

Before starting this short tutorial, it is important to clarify that, at the moment, the procedure can only be applied from a computer. In addition, you must install an extension for your browser, either Chrome or Edge. This is the way to enjoy Bard on the messaging app owned by Meta:

– Enter the ChatGPT For Social website and press the “Add to Chrome” button, which you can find at the top of the screen.

– You can now install the extension in your browser, no matter if you are using Edge, Firefox or Chrome.

– Once the installation finishes, you will automatically be redirected to the ChatGPT for WhatsApp web page.

– Now that you have the extension installed, you just need to locate the ChatGPT for WhatsApp icon, which should appear in the extensions bar. If not, you will need to go to the extensions section and set the add-on.

– The next thing will be to click on the “ChatGPT web” button, whereupon you will enter a menu where you will need to choose the Google Bard option.

– You can now log in with your WhatsApp web account, as you will immediately be redirected to the site.

– When you want to interact with Google Bard, just type “@gpt” followed by the body of the message.

As you have noticed, the procedure you must follow to take advantage of Google’s AI in your WhatsApp chats is extremely fast and simple. However, communicating with the chatbot is only possible in English. If you have problems with this detail, the solution is to use any online translation tool.

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