How to use Google Business messaging to talk to your customers

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Businesses must be able to leverage any competitive advantage they can gain to improve the relationship with their customers. A great way to differentiate your business from the competition is to offer high-quality customer service, something we can do by leveraging Google Business Messages.

Google Business messages allow us to offer real-time communication, closer and in line with what customers demand.

Google Business messages are a solution to the problem of real-time customer service, as it allows us to answer customer queries at any time and from anywhere. This functionality is available to customers from Google Search, from Google Maps and it is possible to integrate it into our website and in the Google company profile.

In this way, we offer our customers access, through multiple channels, to instant and direct communication, through a direct chat, with which customers can contact and resolve their doubts in real time, without waiting to receive an email response.

how to use Google Business messages?

First of all, in order for our customers to be able to send messages through this tool we have to activate the chat/messaging function in our Google Business profile.

In case of having only one location, the easiest way to activate the chat function is to do it directly from Google search. To do this, we search for the name of the company or enter “my company” which will return several results, including

Once in it, we will see the different management options of the Google business profile on the left side, where we will have to select the tab “Enable chat” and that’s it, from now on customers will be able to chat with you and send you direct messages.

Once configured, we can use the Google My Business app (which will be eliminated this year) to configure a welcome message for the chat, in which we can offer information about schedules and communication options in case we are not available. We can also configure the notification alert, so that we are notified when we receive a message through this channel.

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