How to use Google Forms to create forms and surveys

Google has an interesting feature for creating forms and surveys called “Google Forms”. This feature enables users to develop templates that they can share with other users and collect information for their projects, run questionnaires, and more.

Google Forms is a completely free online tool

It is a fully online tool that allows you to create a fully customizable question structure. It’s not just a function to create quick polls like the one that Twitter or LinkedIn have just implemented, for example, but in Google Forms the forms are much more complete and serve any administration that needs to collect data for users or for homework Company events….

While creating forms is multi-functional and takes time to master Google Forms, here are the most basic ones so that you can start creating your forms or surveys from now on:

How to Use and Use Google Forms

– Enter your Google account and press to go to Google Drive:

Google Drive

– Go to the «My device» area and press the right button. A menu will appear. One of the options is to be able to create a google form. Two tabs are activated, one for creating a blank format and the other for customizing a template. To start, select the blank form:

Choose Google Forms

– Selecting the blank form will open a new tab where you can start creating your custom form. You’ll need to provide a title and description and start writing the questions.

Create a form in Google

-Each question is fully customizable and there is an options bar for that on the right side of the screen. From there you can add new questions, post photos, videos or add sections in case the form needs to be broken down by subject

Buttons for customizing questions

– You can also choose the type of questions you want to ask. In this way you can adapt the question to the selected format: if it is, among other things, a date, a matrix, a single or multiple selection. When you add pictures they have no options to answer directly, but it is used to put them as a heading and generate the following questions from it

Customize questions

– Before submitting the material, you can access a preview of the form to see how it is. All you have to do is click on the icon of an eye. There is also a button to customize the form with a specific theme, add images and colors for the text …

Preview and Google Forms theme

-Finally when the form is ready it can be sent to the users you wish to receive their responses from. To do this, there is a large send button in the upper right corner and when pressed it will bring up a shipping configuration window.

There you have to select the recipients’ emails. You can also copy the link of the form and submit it manually, or copy the HTML structure of the form and paste it into a web page.

Submit Google Forms

– When users start to reply, there is a section where you can see what the results are like. Next to the questions is a button called “Answers”. When you enter there, the already answered form will be displayed, segmented by user, and you can search for the answers of a specific user.

Question and answer buttons

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