How to Use Google Suggestions for SEO

Google suggestions

The Google Auto-Suggest feature suggests a series of words or to users Phrases that match search queries that are done at that time. For example, a search for “SEO” can return results like “SEO Course” or “SEO Near You”. These results are displayed thanks to LSI technology that allows Google to understand the context of a question and send semantically related results.

Google suggestions are based on similar semantic content and searches from other users

In order to appear in the Google suggestion box, the algorithm takes into account the actual searches in the search engine as well as the frequency of searches for these terms in relation to the original search. When a person searches for “SEO” in Google, then clicks a link or does a new search with the keyword “SEO Course”, the “Autocomplete” field will show results for “SEO courses”. Other factors to consider are search habits and Location from which to search.

How to Improve SEO Positioning Using Google Suggestions

Since Google takes into account the location of the user, the searches they have made and the browsing history, you must first disconnect or use Incognito mode. If you want to improve search engine optimization for a site from another country, consider using a VPN and connecting from a convenient location.

-Keywords: One of the main uses of suggestions is to find new keywords. Just write a keyword and wait for Google to show the suggestions. All of them are long-tail keywords that relate to the term entered by the user.

– Expand the keyword: Another way to use Google Suggestions is to write the keyword you want to rate followed by a letter. This technique is widely used, and the most common is to try all letters of the alphabet. For example, if you want to position a pants store, you can type “Pants from to …” and see what results it returns. Then I would try the “b”, the “c” …

-Blanks: Another way to do these searches is to add spaces. In this case, Google needs to understand that the user wants to add a word at this point, the underscore (). For example, you could search for: “SEO for“Or” _SEO “and let Google fill in the blanks.

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