How to use google travel to travel safely with no alarm status

Google Travel or Google Travel, by its name in English, a platform that gives advice on what to do and see in different places, as well as the possibility of Make hotel reservations, Flights and holiday homes and now offers additional tips and useful information for travel during the pandemic after the curfew has been lifted in countries like Spain.

With Google Travel, users can find ideas for their trips and short breaks, make hotel and flight reservations, or find the best places to visit

This tool can be accessed at When you enter the destination you want to travel to, Google will show you information about the main monuments and places you want to visit in the selected destination COVID-19 restriction alertsAs we can see in the picture below, it is recommended that a negative PCR is required to visit Vienna and be in quarantine for 10 days upon arrival at the destination:

In addition, it is possible to receive an email to the Gmail address, provided that the restrictions on entry and mobility at the selected destination are activated or removed. This way it is possible to stay up to date on all restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information about places to be visited or activities to be carried out can be saved for later retrieval either via Google Travel or Google Maps. The frequency of COVID-19 cases at each location is also explained there. In addition, the information on the screen is complemented by direct access to Google Maps, which shows a map of the destination with the locations highlighted to guide the user on their journey during the pandemic.

On the other hand, there are several navigation tabs in the left pane of the Google Travel page. In them it is possible to find one from which flights can be found that lead the user directly to Google Flights, as well as reservations for hotels and holiday apartments in the area.

Finally, you will see the Explore tab, which is where you can find a map with a series of marked destinations selected based on your searches and previous trips, showing the airfare and the number of layovers. This map corresponds to the map that is displayed on the tab of the same name in Google Flights. It is possible to create filters to focus the exploration only on the destinations of interest to us. For example, you can add filters to only show cities or locations with a beach.

With this in mind, Google Maps has introduced a new feature to make it easier to organize a car trip. As soon as a starting point and a destination have been marked, the application displays a Series of stops, either to rest or to pass the night. In this way, different locations can be selected that will act as stops and at which all information on restrictions and measures to be taken into account is offered.

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