How to use Google Trends in your content strategy

Google Trends to find trends

Google Trends is a perfect tool to use during the planning of a content strategy, as it allows us to explore and discover the topics that are being searched for the most on Google. In this way, we can not only create content that is already being searched for, but we have the possibility to discover new topics that had escaped us.

Google Trends has many useful features for creating a content strategy, from creating a calendar to finding related keywords.

Google Trends is a free tool from Google that allows us to find the most important trending topics at a specific moment in time and also in a specific place. In this way, we can discover, for example, what are the main searches during Christmas in Spain or anywhere else in the world.

How to use Google Trends to create a content strategy?

-Know the most current topics: The main use of Google Trends is to find the topics that are trending. Any content strategy seeks to increase traffic and generate more conversions, therefore, we can discover the most current topics and create content based on these (as long as it is a relevant topic for our audience).

-New content: No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to know everything about everything. Many times, we have to create content on topics that we don’t fully master and, therefore, there may be something that escapes us. With Google Trends we can discover new keywords, related opportunities and even completely new niche topics.

-Local content: One of the features of Google Trends is that we can localize searches and results for a specific geographic area. This allows us to find and buy keywords locally, with which we can improve our content strategy and Local SEO.

-Create a publishing calendar: Another use we can give to Google Trends is as a calendar. If we already have the content strategy created and we know what content we are going to create, we can pass the keywords of each one through Trends and organize it according to the period of greatest search for each keyword. This way, we can publish the most appropriate content at the most appropriate time.

-Keywords: Google Trends can also be used to find keywords, as it has some reports on related searches and trends. It is also possible to use it to compare two keywords and know which of the two will perform better over time.

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