How to use mobile banking securely

Secure Mobile Banking

The mobile banking gives you the possibility to make your transactions conveniently and quickly from anywhere without having to go to a physical branch. However, sometimes not even the best Internet security protocols can save you from cybercriminals.

Avoid being scammed by criminals operating on the Internet when making your banking transactions.

Nowadays, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Especially when it comes to mobile banking. For that reason, we have designed the following list with some useful tips that will allow you to protect yourself from the risks involved in using any online banking service.

Tips for connecting to the bank from your mobile

– Enable robust security protocols on mobile: smartphones are the most common means of online banking. For that reason, the recommendation is to protect your mobile with really effective security protocols such as the configuration of passwords and biometric verification factors. This applies both for accessing the device and for logging into banking apps.

– Check your account statements frequently: without a doubt, this will allow you to quickly detect any unusual activity in your accounts. In case you notice any unusual detail, the recommendation is to notify the bank as soon as possible.

– Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks: networks with Internet access in cafes, airports, hotels, etc., are generally not secure. It is important that you do not access your bank accounts when you are connected to these types of signals.

– Download the bank’s app from an official source: cybercriminals often create fake websites and apps. That is why it is crucial that you try to download your bank’s app from official stores such as Google Play Store and App Store. Also, if you use your cell phone, always access your accounts from the app.

– Do not share your bank details with anyone: the most relevant thing is not to share by digital means data such as passwords, identity documents or any other information necessary to access your online banking profile. This way you will avoid being a victim of practices such as phishing, smishing, vishing, etc.

– Never forget to log out: some banking applications integrate automatic logout functions after a certain period of inactivity. Don’t settle for that mechanism, log out manually every time you finish your transactions. This makes it more difficult for your login data to be stolen.

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