How To Use Quizzes In Your Marketing Strategy

Quizzes on Marketing and Engagement Improvement

Trivial Trivia games can not only be fun and learn, but also a good marketing strategy. These games, which have a competitive component that usually attracts users, improve audience interaction and allow them to stand out from the competition by introducing elements of gamification.

The question and answer games are very attractive to users because of the competitive component and the ability to share the results with friends

They can be created on social networks, on the company blog, on the website, in external apps and platforms. In all cases, however, they will be published where they are published. They need to be well planned and an appropriate marketing strategy developed. For example, there are a few important points to consider, such as those listed below:

-Create the game and choose the questions: The title of the game will be one of the first things users will notice. With this in mind, some constructions like “How much do you know about …” or “Which of the characters in … are you” work very well because they are attractive and encourage participation.

-Choose a type of game: In addition to the title, the type of game will also be important. In this case, the type of game must match the profile of the target audience and their tastes. For example, personality tests work very well with female audiences, while knowledge tests attract all types of users. For this reason, it is important to know the audience very well and to clearly define their preferences and tastes.

-Create the questions: Once it is clear what type of game is being played, it is time to create the questions. In doing so, try to be different and ask questions with a specific personality, use the same language as the audience, and add images that are attractive and eye-catching. Whenever possible, the questions should be short, direct and easy to understand.

-Results: When creating a quiz game, it is important to create results that the user can easily share. If you share your results on your social networks, your contacts will see them and will feel competitive.

In order for them to be shared, the results must be positive and evoke positive emotions in the user, otherwise they will not be shared. Accompanying these results with attractive pictures also improves engagement and adds a kind of “call to action” that invites the user to share the game and compare their results with those of their contacts.

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