How to use the Google Photos image editor

Google Photos Summary

Google Photos is a tool that includes a wide range of functions for your images, from 3D effects to automatic and free – but not unlimited – storage in the cloud, filters, sharing and much more.

Along with those mentioned, there is also a Google Photos image editor for the web that is relatively unknown. However, learning how to use it could be considered one of the best tricks for using Google Photos.

In this article you will learn how to take advantage of the great features of the web version of the Google Photos image editor.

How to use the Google Photos web editor

The number of editing features in Google Photos varies depending on whether you are a Google One subscriber or not. However, the options for free users are also numerous. Thanks to these tools you will not only be able to improve your photos, but also crop them, add filters, etc.

Of course, you will need to have at least 4 GB of RAM on your computer and your browser is updated to the latest version to be able to use the Google Photos editor. If you meet this requirement, you must do the following:

– After signing in with your Google account, go to Photos, open the image you want to modify, and in the upper right corner, click “Edit.”

– Choose the “Suggestions” tab. Then, if you want to apply the type of suggested edit, you just have to press the name of the suggestion in the list of options. If you want to undo the change, you simply have to press the same option.

– Finally, at the top, press “Save”.

How to crop a photo with the Google Photos editor

– Click on the “Crop” icon, which you can find at the top of the screen. This function will allow you to not only crop the image, but also rotate it.

– Now, if you want to crop the photo, you simply have to select a preset or drag the edges.

– In case you want to rotate the file, you just have to click on the “Rotate” button that appears in the lower left corner. Press “Save” to set the changes.

How to use the “Adjust” tab in the Google Photos editor

– Click on the settings symbol that appears in the menu on the right hand side. There you can calibrate parameters such as contrast, brightness, shadow, saturation, black point, white point, etc.

– All you have to do is manipulate the sliders until you achieve the desired effect.

– Once you have beautified your photo, press “Save” to apply your selection of effects.

Apply filters with the Google Photos editor

– The “Filters” icon is another option that you can use in the menu on the right.

– Next, you will see an extensive list of filters, including Beach, Island, Modern, Vivid, Desert and many more.

– To apply a filter you just have to click on it.

– Once you select the option of your preference, you can also adjust its intensity. To do this you just have to move the slider.

– Ready, press “Save” to apply the modifications.

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