how to use the Megadede successor

To understand what Playdede is, you have to go back to 2020, when Megadede announced its closure and all the free content on the platform was no longer available. In the absence of a web reference where links to view content were brought together, in 2021 the successor to said system arrived, currently called Playdede and is operational.

Playdede is a directory of audiovisual content, that is, it does not host the content like a streaming platform, but rather it redirects you to the corresponding links so you can watch the series, movie or cartoon online. Its premise is that you have access to all the content for free and it will even allow you to download what you want to your computer or mobile phone.

But… how does it really work? Is it a legal website? Let’s see more details about Playdede in this article.

How to access and view content on Playdede

To access it you just have to type its name in a search engine or directly the URL of the service in a browser. First of all, the website has a simple and practical interface, you will find a search bar that will make it easy to find the series or movie you have in mind. In addition, the presentation of the portal exposes the content that is having the most demand so that you know what the trends are.

Now, Playdede offers copyrighted content for free, for this reason, it is likely that the resolution of what you see will not be the best or will become very inconsistent. In addition, the links where the content is hosted may also stop working at any time.

Playdede Screenshot

To access movies and series, you must register for the service, you must have an account to view the content. Therefore, you will need an email and a password to open a profile and activate your user within the platform.

Once the user is enabled, you will be able to follow the content you want, mark favorites, leave movies and series pending and more. There is also a “Comments” section where you will have access to community messages and a “Friends” section so you can add other people to know what they are watching, what their comments are, etc.

As for content, you will find productions from all the most famous companies in the world of entertainment, such as: Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Movistar+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, among others. A useful tool is that it allows you to filter content by year and genre, making it possible to find what you want quickly.

Is Playdede a legal website?

It is important that you know that Playdede is not responsible for the files that are uploaded to the service. This means that you may come across links that Playdede does not control, which could redirect you to unwanted content. Likewise, you could also access fraudulent platforms or malicious files.

On the other hand, regarding the legal field, the unauthorized distribution and reproduction of content protected by copyright is illegal in a large number of countries, including Spain.

In this way, a portal like Playdede exposes you to various types of infractions and legal risks. In addition, it can also violate the security of your Internet connection with the transmission of malware, misleading advertising, theft of personal data and more dangers, so you should be careful.

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