How to use Tor browsers to circumvent Internet censorship

Tor browser

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there has been a succession of government measures aimed at controlling information or blocking access to certain websites. The kremlin official media have been banned in Europe, and major platforms such as YouTube, Twitter or Facebook have suspended or limited the reach of such propaganda organs.

Tor browsers allow access to websites that have been banned by the authorities

If you want to bypass all these limitations and have direct access to the “forbidden” information, you can use a VPN connection, i.e. a Virtual Private Network. A VPN uses an intermediary in our connection to the network, sending and receiving all data through a server and, in addition, encrypting it. This, in theory, makes it much more difficult for outside observers to know what we are doing.

Another way to circumvent these controls is to use a Tor browser, with which you can access the Deep Web. Tor Browser is a software that enables an unconventional browser and allows you to access the “dark side” of the Internet. Combining a VPN connection with a Tor browser will guarantee your security and anonymity on the Net, and will allow you to access all kinds of information.

Here’s how you can install a Tor browser to hide your identity when you visit a website.

-Download Tor: The first thing you have to do is download this browser, for which you only have to enter the official Tor Project website.

-Make bridges in Tor: What this browser will allow you to do is to build bridges with which no governmental measure will be able to block your access to the IP of any website.

-“Settings: On the right-hand sidebar of the Tor browser you will see several options appear, and you must first enter the one that says “Tor” to then access “Settings”.

-“Use a bridge.” Inside the “Settings” folder scroll until you come to a heading that says “Bridges”. Check the option that says “Use a bridge”.

-Select a bridge: There are several options for using one of these bridges to circumvent web page blocking. The easiest way is to use some of the bridges already built by clicking on “Select a bridge” and choosing from the options offered: obfs4, snowflake, or meek-azure. The Tor website itself includes a manual to help you use these bridges and select which one is most appropriate for what you are looking for.

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