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Last year, the sex video website PornHub deleted all videos coming from accounts that were not verifiedThis caused major setbacks for sex industry workers who saw their content disappear from the network.

On PornHub only users whose identity has been verified can post videos

One of the reasons for verifying accounts by verifying the user’s identity was the reported proliferation of videos containing child pornography. PornHub then implemented this security measure, which is still in place.

Although posting comments on videos does not require account verification, anyone interested in posting their own videos on PornHub will need to follow the procedure below:

-Create an account on PornHub: Initially you only need to enter your username and password and a valid email address, where you will receive an email that verifies the validity of the email address and initiates the account registration.

-Photograph or scan your ID card or similar identification document.

-Access the Yoti website: It is an online service for managing digital identity verification and is the platform that, in addition to other websites, platforms and agencies, PornHub uses for identity verification.

-Select in Yoti the country of residence.

-Add photograph (both sides) of the identity card.

-Specify the type of identity document: ID card, passport, driver’s license..

-Posing for the photo yoti takes.

At this point it should be noted that in the case of this management being carried out from a s computerit will be necessary to have a webcam and in the case of a mobile device (smartphone, tablet…) it must have a front camera.

When Yoti asks permission to take the headshot of the person whose identity is to be verified, make sure that there is sufficient lighting and that the face is placed in front of the camera. Yoti will ask the user to move the face so that it can be verified that what is in front of the camera is a real (three-dimensional and moving) individual and not a (two-dimensional and static) photograph.

Once the identity verification through Yoti has been completed, the account verification form on PornHub can be completed within two weeks, otherwise the process must be repeated on Yoti. For its part PornHub will go to Yoti to verify the identity of the user, who will be asked to provide information about his real name, physical address and payment method to receive the income generated by its contents, payments that for years PornHub allows to receive even in cryptocurrencies.

This completes the process, allowing the new user to upload content to the platform.

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