How to view iPhone screen on computer

The Mirror mode This option allows you to view the iPhone (or iPad) screen on the computer monitor, whether it is a Windows PC or an Apple device running the macOS operating system.

With the help of a mirror function, the video can be recorded on the iPhone screen on any computer

In some cases it is useful to share the screen with other mobile device users to enjoy the same content. However, what this case is all about replicating the iPhone’s screen itself with the computer itself, and one of the easiest ways to get it done is through Programs that emulate an Apple TV.

This allows the iPhone to connect via AirPlay and share the mobile device’s screen with an external monitor, TV or projector. From there, what happens on the Apple smartphone screen can be recorded with the computer.

There are three alternatives: LonelyScreen, AirServer and Reflector4. There is a version of all of them for Windows and for MacOS, the latter have free trials for 30 days The full versions cost between 13 and 19 euros.

The way it works is very similar in all cases: once the program is installed on the computer and connected to the same WiFi network as the iPhone, the computer will appear as a new device that can be selected in the iPhone’s AirPlay settings menu. From there, you can share the screen wirelessly.

If you enable screen mirroring in AirPlay from iPhone, it is enough to select the computer. From that moment on, the iPhone screen will be displayed if the selected program (LonelyScreen, AirServer or Reflector4) is running on the computer.

The handling interface (LonelyScreen) is extremely simple in some cases, as it only has one large red circular button that can be used to activate and stop the recording. The other two programs have a greater number of functions and a menu to choose from.

The window showing the iPhone screen can be maximized to fill the entire computer screen, or it can be minimized or resized.

Mac users have an already included alternative in the operating system, since you can use QuickTime to record the screen of an iPhone, although it must be connected via a USB cable. In this case, the iPhone will be identified as a webcam connected to the computer. Just by selecting it, you can record iPhone screen.

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