How to view the battery charge cycles of your Xiaomi cell phone

Many people don’t know it, but there are a number of xiaomi secret codes that allow you to access hidden menus. In case you have a Xiaomi cell phone with MIUI 11you can access the secret menu of the battery of your cell phone. This is especially useful to know the charge cycles of your phone’s battery for example if you buy it second hand.

how to know the charge cycles of your cell phone battery?

This secret code, when entered, allows us to access a screen with battery information. Although it may seem irrelevant, we are talking about the charge cycles, which means knowing how long our battery lasts and even what kind of wear and tear it has after having been used for a certain period of time.

Xiaomi’s trick to enable this mIUI 11 secret menu is only valid with this version of the operating system, so you should update it immediately if you have the option. Another point of relevance is that it does not work for everyone, but only with those versions that are based on Android 10. So, if you have MIUI 11, but based on Android 9 Pie, you will not be able to access it (there are cases where it DOES workso there’s no harm in trying!).

In case you meet these requirements, you should open the phone. In the call sectionthen proceed to enter the code *#*#6485#*#*#*. Then press the button. When you have done so, a series of data will appear on the screen detailing the battery information, such as its status, voltage, etc. However, the section we are interested in is the one identified as MF_02.

battery status of your Xiaomi?

Basically, in the red mark,it tells us the battery cycles of the smartphone you have in your hands. Similarly, it will show us how many times we have put the phone to charge. In the image above, it has been done 215 times, that is, less than a year (counting that you charge it once a day, which is the usual).

Therefore, this serves to find out how much life is left in your cell phone. As you know, the battery is one of the most degraded elements of the phone, something that started to happen since the brands began to make their phones thinner and with less weight. It used to be possible to change it manually, but now it is so expensive that it is even convenient to change the phone model directly if it is a couple of years old or does strange things to you.

When the battery exceeds 500 cyclesit loses its useful life. It is therefore advisable to take this into account, in order to regulate more and more the unnecessary charges made on your smartphone.

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