How to visit 18th century Notre Dame Cathedral with virtual reality

Virtual reality Notre Dame Cathedral

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral in France suffered a terrible accident: it caught fire in April 2019 and its structure was badly damaged. So much so that a year and five months after the event, the temple continued to be repaired and donations continued to be raised to pay for the work. The interior of its facilities still contains scaffolding, repair equipment, remodeling, adhesive tapes and of course passage is restricted.

Ubisoft is based on the game Assassin’s Creed: Unity to recreate the Notre Dame Cathedral in three dimensions

However, the French video game developer Ubisoft has virtually recreated this old cathedral as it did in the 18th century. The company included it in their Assassin’s Creed: Unity game, but now, using virtual reality technology, users can enter Notre Dame without having to play the game. So you can see what it was like inside before the fire.

The company’s developers worked more than 5,000 hours to create this virtual experience, relying on historical texts to recreate the structure and all of the details of the temple. In addition, they were constantly monitored by some of the cathedral’s foremost historians.

If you want to see the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, you should download the “Notre Dame de Paris Experience: Journey into the Past” software, which is completely free. Minimum technical requirements are required for use: Windows 10 x64-bit operating system, 8 GB RAM, high-performance graphics processor, at least 3 GB storage space and DirectX version 11. However, it is not specified which virtual reality glasses are required so you can use them can try with the glasses you have at home.

When you access the software, you can see this majestic building from the year 1,163 between the dimensions (height, volume and depth). You will feel like you are in the environment or inside and you will be able to see the structure that the fire has unfortunately engulfed. Plus, you’ll have access to places only available to the public who visited them live, and you can even fly over the cathedral in a hot air balloon.

Ubisoft shared a video with a 360-degree view on YouTube to give a little understanding of the virtual reality experience offered:

This is not the first activity that combines virtual reality and Notre Dame Cathedral. Facebook rebuilt the cathedral in a documentary that was created entirely using virtual reality last year.

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