How to watch Apple TV+ for free and legally

Do you want to legally watch Apple TV+ without spending money? You’re in luck. This guide will explain how to watch Apple TV+ for free.

Free Apple TV Plus

Being able to access Apple TV Plus for free is excellent news if you like the content offered by this audiovisual streaming platform. The service is of good quality, but with Apple’s price increase the subscription is not exactly one of the cheapest anymore.

A big disadvantage is that Apple TV Plus no longer offers 12-month free trials.

The best way to enjoy the Apple TV Plus service for free and legally is to take advantage of the no-cost trial days offered by the company when you purchase any of its services and products. Depending on the territory and product purchased, you can claim a 7 to 30-day trial by logging in when setting up your new Apple TV, iPhone, Mac, etc.

In addition, below you can learn about other methods that will allow you to enjoy your Apple TV Plus Free.

How to activate Apple TV Plus for free and legally.

– By purchasing an Apple product: although Apple no longer offers 12-month free trials, as it did years ago, it is still possible to take advantage of a free trial of up to three months. The way to access is by purchasing Apple products, specifically iPhones, iPads, Mac computers and Apple TV 4k. All you have to do is configure the Apple TV application on your device and you will immediately receive the offer.

– Through your Roku device: by logging in with any Roku smart TV where you can install the Apple TV Plus app with a new user, you will have a three-month trial of Apple TV Plus. Remember that this promotion will only be valid until May 2023.

– If you have a PS4: Apple often benefits Playstation users with free trials of Apple TV Plus. In order to take advantage of a three-month trial you will need to sign in to Apple TV Plus from your PS4. Then follow the on-screen instructions. It is worth mentioning that this promotion will only be valid until July 31, 2023.

– From your PS5: as with PS4, an Apple TV Plus promotion is also available on Sony’s latest console. Just log in to your Apple account on the PS5 and claim the 6-month free trial. Mind you, the promotion is valid for customers who are already subscribed to the service. In addition, this offer will only be available until July 31, 2023.

– The 7-day basic trial: is the simplest method. You will only need to access the app or the service website, complete a subscription with your payment details and activate the 7-day trial. It is usually available in all markets. Remember to cancel the subscription as soon as the 7 days are up or you will automatically be deducted the equivalent of one month of Apple TV Plus.

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