How to watch Apple TV on Roku easily [Guía 2022]

How to watch Apple TV on Roku

Enjoying Apple TV on Roku is a real and simple possibility to achieve. You just have to follow a series of indications that are very safe, the device will not be damaged nor will you have to comply with some complicated or confusing steps.

To stream Apple TV Plus you must have an Apple ID and a Roku that is a recent model

An important point is that when installing Apple TV on Roku, a large amount of content will be enabled. Such is the case of movies and original programs on the platform. There will be no limitation of any kind in this section because Apple wants to get more subscribers at any cost.

Roku models in which Apple TV is available

There are a lot of different models of TV boxes, TVs, sticks, etc., that are compatible with Apple TV. Despite this, the versions that will not give any problems are as follows.

  • Express3900X, 3930X, Plus 3910X, 3931X, 3941X.
  • Premiere3920X, 4620X, Plus 3921X, 4630X.
  • Streaming Stick: 3600X, 3800X, 3820X, Plus 3810X, 3811X, 3821X.
  • Ultra: 4640X, 4660X, 4661X, 4670X, 4800X, LT 4662X.
  • Soundbars: 9100X, 9101X, 9102X.
  • Miscellaneousroku HD 3932X, Roku 2 42, Roku 3 4200X, 4230X.

First step: have an ID

The Apple app will be inside the official Roku store, “Channel Store”. To install it you only need to access “Streaming Channel”which is located on the home screen. You can also access this section by going to the Roku website.

Logically, to enter the Apple platform you will need to have an ID. In case you are not asked to register, you will do this step yourself.

-Go to “Settings” and select “Accounts.”

-Choose “Login”

-Click on “Create an Apple ID”

-In case you have an ID enabled, press on “Sign in on this TV”.

Second step: watch Apple TV on Roku

Once you have your ID, now you can access all the content provided by the Apple ecosystem to its user community. You only have to follow this simple procedure.

-Once you are on the Roku home screen, click on “Search channels”.

-Choose “Apple TV”.

-Follow the instructions on the screen to add the new channel to the menu. Now choose the “Apple TV app”.

-Go to the “Watch Now” option and scroll down so you can watch each of the channels, movies and series that are available.

Just by following these simple steps you will be able to access Apple TV content on Roku. It is an easy and safe procedure that will take you a couple of minutes to execute.

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