How to watch DTT in high definition (HD)

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With the technological advancement and evolution of television transmission standards, it is important to be prepared for the upcoming changes in Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) broadcasting.

Evolution to HD broadcasts in DTT paves the way for 4K broadcasts and the expansion of 5G networks.

By 2024 DTT will only broadcast in Spain in high definition format. (HD), which means that those who have not yet upgraded their equipment will need to take steps to continue enjoying television programming.

This change was initially scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 2023 but due to the pandemic, the Spanish Government decided to postpone this transition for all channels broadcast in the country via DTT so that the new effective date of HD quality broadcasts will be February 14, 2024.

This reorganization also paves the way for the next phase, in which broadcasts will be in 4K quality. At the same time, the radio spectrum is being rearranged for to expand 5G networks.

How to adapt to high-definition DTT

Here are the essentials for adapting to this new technological phase:

-HD-compatible TV set: The first step is to check if the TV is HD compatible. Newer televisions usually have the ability to receive and display HD signals. However, older TV sets may not have this capability and you should consider purchasing a new HD-capable TV set or an HD-capable set-top box or tuner.

-HD set-top box or tuner: If your TV is not compatible with HD broadcasting, it will be necessary to have an HD DTT decoder or tuner. These devices are connected to the antenna cable and the TV set and allow you to receive the DTT signal in high definition format.

-DTT antenna: The antenna plays a crucial role in the reception of the DVB-T signal. It is important to ensure that you have a proper antenna in good condition to receive HD broadcasts. It may be necessary to adjust or reorient the antenna to optimize signal reception. In the case of condominiums it may be necessary to install additional modules or upgrade existing ones, so the community of owners should contact a specialized installer.

-Quality cabling: The wiring used to connect the antenna to the TV or set-top box can also affect the signal quality. It is advisable to use good quality cables and make sure they are in good condition to avoid interference and loss of signal quality.

-Configuration and channel search: Once you have all the necessary elements you will have to carry out a channel search on the TV or set-top box. This process will allow you to tune and save the DVB-T channels available in your area.

It is important to bear in mind that, although the broadcasting of DTT in HD offers higher picture and sound qualitymay require higher data transmission capacity. Therefore it is possible that some regional or local channels may not be available in HD immediately. However, most major national channels will be available in high definition.

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