How to watch New Year’s celebrations around the world online

There are only a few hours left to welcome the new year 2024. Shortly, New Zealand and Australia will welcome the new year and begin celebrations that will last 24 hours and will spread throughout the globe, until Latin America also says goodbye to 2023 and embrace the new year.

It’s time to send New Year’s greetings messages through WhatsApp or use the best apps to send congratulatory messages. In addition, you can liven up the wait until the New Year arrives in your country by seeing how it is celebrated in different parts of the world, since it is not the same everywhere.

For example, in Australia they have a countdown that is celebrated with fireworks and parties in Sydney Harbor. Meanwhile, in Italy the new year is received by eating traditional lentils and in Spain there are 12 grapes that are eaten together with the Chimes of the clock at Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

Everyone will celebrate the arrival of the New Year in their own way: with family, with friends… but thanks to the Internet you will also be able to celebrate the arrival of the new year as you would anywhere else in the world. In addition to the live broadcasts that users make through Facebook Live or TikTok live broadcasts, different mobile applications and websites allow you to directly witness the celebrations around the world. We tell you some of the ones you can use:

Where to watch the New Year Celebrations live on the Internet

-New Year celebrations in Australia. New Year’s celebrations in Australia are so popular worldwide – for being one of the first to welcome the new year – that there is an official website for them (

On this website, in addition to receiving information to buy tickets to see the celebrations, or learn important aspects about transportation, accommodation, restaurants… in the city, you can also watch the live broadcast of the most famous fireworks in Oceania through your Live Stream.

You can also follow them through the ABC TV website, both on Facebook and YouTube.

Sydney New Year Celebrations

-New Year celebrations in Tokyo. After Australia, New Year celebrations will continue in other Asian countries such as Japan. In this live broadcast from the NHK television network you can see how 2023 arrives in Tokyo. (

NHK TV Station

-New Year’s celebrations in New York. Through the official Times Square website on YouTube you can watch the arrival of the year 2024 live from New York. They already have a countdown and everything is ready, with more than a dozen live cameras, to provide the best coverage.

-Earthcam. For the last 25 years, the Earth Cam website has broadcast New Year’s celebrations live on the Internet in different parts of the world. From New York to London, passing through Dublin (in the image) you can enjoy in real time how the new year 2024 is received in more than 20 cities around the globe through its website /ts/?cam=templebar_ny2024.

Earthcam dublim

-New Year celebrations in Madrid. If you want to experience New Year’s Eve as if you were in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, you can follow the live broadcast through the RTVE website and in the RTVE Play app.

Also, of course, you can follow the broadcast through the websites of other Spanish television channels that will connect live to Puerta del Sol. Among them, La Sexta, Antena 3 and Telemadrid.

end of year chimes

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