How to watch TV without an antenna

How to watch TV without an antenna

Unlike a little over a decade ago, watching television without an antenna is now possible. And all this thanks to a variety of alternatives ranging from hiring cable TV services to digital tools such as IPTV lists and websites to watch thousands of channels for free.

Regardless of the smart TV you own, the methods to watch TV without an antenna that we will explore below are extremely easy to implement and, even many of them are completely free.

Best apps to watch TV without an antenna

Today, the vast majority of smart TVs that integrate operating systems such as Android TV offer the ability to install applications as on any mobile device. In this way, you can take advantage of an infinite number of apps to watch TV, something for which you will only need to have an Internet connection.

In this section, services such as Pluto TV stand out, which includes a huge variety of channels (sports, movies, news, series, etc.), both live and on demand. The best thing is that you can enjoy them without paying a single euro and without creating an account.

Likewise, some alternatives very similar to Pluto TV are Distro TV, Tivify and Kodi, which are excellent for watching DTT. Of course, there are also other traditional TV alternatives such as MiTele or RTVE a la carte apps, or payment options such as YouTube TV, Movistar TV and many more.

Streaming devices to watch TV without an antenna.

While they don’t allow you to watch live TV directly, the various streaming devices on the market are a fantastic alternative to not having to rely on a physical connection to an antenna.

In this case, we are referring to small devices such as the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick or the Roku Stick. Which simply connect to any TV with HDMI ports or adapter to turn it into a smart TV.

This is because all of the aforementioned devices have their own operating system. This allows you to access all the streaming platforms you can imagine, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, among others.

In the same way, this method of not depending on an antenna also includes alternatives such as Android TV Boxes, Apple TV or Roku TV streaming boxes, whose operation is similar to the aforementioned dongles.

Cable or satellite TV services.

Although it qualifies as one of the most traditional options for watching TV without connecting an antenna, the various cable operators remain a fairly competitive alternative in terms of image quality and channel variety.

Logically, the great advantage of cable or satellite TV is still the fact that you are not dependent on an Internet connection and that you can contract packages with all kinds of live TV channels. However, with so many options in the digital transmission market, the rates of services such as Orange or Movistar Plus can be somewhat high.

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