How to write an efficient email subject line

You may not have given it all the importance it has, but writing a good email message is decisive so that the person who receives it decides to open the message or not. And choosing the right words in this small section has a huge impact on attracting a user's attention and encouraging them to read your email.

In this article we are going to see some recommendations in order to write a perfect email subject that serves to increase the opening rate of your emails. This is very useful for any type of communication, in individual emails with any type of topic, but especially when we want to offer more information about a product or service using an email marketing service, such as Mailrelay, to reach all people. who have subscribed to our mailing list.

Tips for writing a perfect email subject

If you have ever wondered what you should put in the subject line when sending an email, take note of these tips:

1. Do not leave the subject section blank. It may sound obvious, but it must be made clear that filling out the subject line of the emails is essential. More and more emails are received daily and knowing how to stand out in an inbox full of messages is essential. Having your emails have a striking subject is the best tool.

2. Write a short and concise subject line. The subject should be brief for two reasons. First, because people are sometimes saturated with information, so it is best to avoid very complex phrases and unnecessary words.

Second, because people can check email from different devices, which means that the number of characters displayed varies. For example, the number of characters seen in email on a mobile phone is less than that seen on a computer.

3. Bet on formulas that reinforce an action. It encourages people to read the inside of the email with words like “learn”, “discover” or even ask questions, “do you know this restaurant?” Seeing question marks encourages us to resolve a question and, therefore, attracts our attention.

4.Generates interest in the benefits. If you are going to offer a product, try to increase the recipients' curiosity about it. To do this, you can use formulas such as contrasting the good against the bad or emphasizing the errors that the user is making… A formula can be “these are the 3 mistakes you are making when…”.

5. Create an urgency. One of the techniques to generate the need to open an email is to create a temporary urgency. For example, you can use phrases with a time limitation, such as “for a limited time”, “last hours/days”, “2 hours left”, “last notice”…

6. Strengthens emotions. If your email generates positive emotions in the recipients, they will better remember the content you want to transmit. For example: “She wouldn't forget your special day” – email for Mother's Day.

7. Include numbers or percentages. As in the case of emotions, you can also attract attention by activating logical reasoning, a formula that makes readers pay more attention. Some examples are: “50% discount on the entire store”, “the 5 best ways to write copy for social networks”…

8. Avoid words or phrases that are excessively commercial. Some words are overused in emails and can generate negative emotions when not used correctly. For example: promotion, purchase…

9. Personalize the subject. If you know the recipient's name, position, company name or any identifying element, using it to personalize the subject lines is a very effective way to attract the user's attention.

10. Use emojis or symbols. Using emojis can be a very powerful visual element to capture attention, but yes, you must be aware of in which cases it is convenient to use them and that in excess they can achieve the opposite effect.

11. Use a friendly tone. Of course, the way you write and the use of certain words influences. Without leaving formality aside, you can use a pleasant tone that invites the recipient to read your email. In fact, in cases where it is allowed you can use humor.

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