How to write an email with Google Docs and send it via Gmail

Activate Google Docs voice dictation

A new update to Google Docs makes it easier to use Google’s productivity suite to compose emails that can then be sent directly, without leaving the platform, with a single click from Gmail.

Google makes it easier to integrate the use of its various productivity tools: Meet, Docs and Gmail

This new feature is part of Google’s initiative to turn productivity suite into one big canvas where you can use its various tools in an integrated waymeet, Docs and Gmail. All this makes up the Workspace suite, Google’s answer to productivity.

In this case, the relationship of emails from Google Doc is facilitated by a new template in which the essential element is the at symbol that identifies the destination of that document.

In the new templates for e-mail preparation contains the various fields usually found in an e-mailso all you have to do is place the relevant information in each of them and then compose the body of the message.

When the process is finished, you just need to click on the Gmail icon that appears next to the recipient’s address address of the email for the email to be sent.

Given that one of the capabilities of Google Docs is to allow the collaboration of different users in the elaboration of a single document, it seems that this possibility represents a great utility for cases in which the same email needs to be drafted by several people different people.

Thus it will no longer be necessary to keep sending different drafts among the drafters of the draft but all of them will be able to collaborate on a single centralized documentwhich can be sent directly once it has been drafted in its final form.

This new feature will gradually become available to all Google Work Space users starting next week.

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