How will SEO be in an internet without cookies

The future of the internet is going through Delete third-party cookies. This movement is due to the growing concern of users about maintaining privacy and is affecting the data that companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon or Apple collect about user behavior on the Internet.

With the removal of third-party cookies, SEO faces several challenges as the third-party tracking data is not available.

Cookies are used by companies for a wide variety of tasks. They are used, for example, to keep the products in the shopping cart of an e-commerce if the website is accidentally closed, as well as to Keep login data for a website or show recommended content.

The problem is that when a page inserts a cookie in the browser, the user is also tracked across the Internet and collects information about the websites they have visited. When you visit a website about rock t-shirts, ads will follow us, and ads for rock t-shirts will appear on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. This is also the reason why T-shirt removal users request these codes.

In this context, also the deletion of cookies will affect SEO. First, professionals can no longer rely on third-party information to perform common tasks like analyzing the behavior of a Google Ads campaign or the performance of a content strategy in an e-commerce. Instead, they have to use their own cookies (so-called “first party cookies”), which means that a new way must be found to obtain the information as the user can no longer be “tracked”. over the internet.

Google has already developed its own system called FLoC, which is often criticized by many professionals and experts. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult for smaller businesses to find a way to gather this information. There are already many challenges such as accuracy, cost of a tool with these characteristics, or data protection.

To do this you need to use Personalization solutions in real timeThis allows you to collect information about customers using the website. This allows you to use the data obtained to create content that is tailored to your tastes and needs.

Another change that will be seen without cookies in the future has to do with content. In the absence of user navigation data, one of the best ways will be to generate visits, attract organic traffic, and improve visibility Create attractive content for the user. In this way, much of the effort should be focused on developing this content, which can grab users’ attention through relevant, useful, interesting, or informative content.

Analytics, especially for ecommerce professionals and online stores, will be another problem. With that in mind, you must first analyze your own traffic to understand participation and performance. Besides, they have to Track offline purchasesAssigning some indicators of the online experience and understanding the role organic search played in the purchase decision. In short, it is about analyzing the user who has consumed some content and then looking for it when making a purchase to see whether or not they accessed the store after consuming the content.

On the other hand, users need to know how they are being tracked at all times. To this end, technology companies are implementing tools that will allow brands to step into a future without cookies while protecting consumer privacy.

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