Human beings and their design errors

According to the popular saying, the human being is the most perfect machine ever created. However, this is not entirely true. According to geneticists and biologists, it has certain factory defects, design flaws that are not seen in other species in nature.

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What are the design flaws in the human body?

While it is true that, at first glance, these errors go unnoticed, we are far from the perfection mentioned above. These design errors were well described in 1951 by the biologist Wilton Krogman, who called these defects “the scars of human evolution”.

According to his findings, some errors that can be mentioned are related to the spine, the newborn, the eyes, the male sexual apparatus, the throat and some bones.

A bad design of the spine

Our spine is poorly designed: perhaps its design is due to the fact that, like other animals, it is for walking on 4 legs. That way it can support the weight of all the organs in a balanced way. When we stood upright, to walk on our legs, what was the spine became a vertebral column.

It was necessary for it to tilt as much as necessary to be able to support the weight of the head. All this adaptation to walk on two legs, makes the lower vertebrae support the rest of the torso. The pressure exerted on them is very great and is to blame for the fact that 80% of people suffer from back and waist pain.

spine of the human body
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The pelvis of the human body is too narrow

For the same reason as above, the pelvis of men and women became narrowed by walking on two legs instead of four. Those who suffer most from this evolutionary error are women during childbirth.

The width of the female pelvis did not change at all in the last 200,000 years. For this reason, until the beginning of the 20th century, many women and their babies died during childbirth. This narrowness is also the cause of premature births, because sometimes the brain does not fully develop in the womb.

The human newborn is a helpless being.

Moreover, we are born helpless and unable to survive without maternal care. With other mammals this does not happen. Any animal can move and feed from its mother without her help. The human being cannot do so until several months after birth, i.e., in nature we would be doomed.

The vision of the human being is not perfect

The human eye has conceptual errors, our retina is full of photoreceptors that capture luminescence and send it to the optic nerve, which in turn sends the information to the brain.

The defect is that the optic nerve lacks photoreceptors, so we have a blind spot in each eye. In other animals, the optic nerve fibers are located behind the retina, so they do not have blind spots.

These are just some of the design flaws in our body, although there are a few more. From bones that have no application whatsoever, a bad design of the testicles, which are very exposed, to a bad design in our throat, which causes many people to die from choking.

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