Human-machine interaction

In this digitally-driven era, human-machine interaction and the impact of technology on human life has become increasingly prevalent. The ongoing developments to enhance our interactions with machines have drastically changed the way we interact with the world around us. This evolution is invaluable and has enabled us to take on tasks with unimaginable efficiency.

It was inaugurated by China, which is taking hasty steps in this field. Those in charge announced the objectives they set themselves. This new laboratory will be dedicated to the interaction between machines and humans. It seeks to establish a connection channel between our brain and computers. Will it be possible to achieve this goal?

This is a new sign of the central role in the development of technology driven in recent years by the Asian giant. China has just inaugurated a laboratory. Its purpose is clear: it focuses on the interaction between machines and humans. They hope to connect computers and the human brain to a new level.

A laboratory dedicated to machine-human interaction was designed.
A laboratory dedicated to machine-human interaction was designed.


Says the specialized media Science and Technology Daily. And it is replicated by the Asian country’s Ministry of Science and Technology. It details the scope of its future research. “They will cover all fields and all scales, from the microscopic to the macroscopic.”

As the same publication explained, the facilities will be located in the northwestern city of Tianjin. They will have the mission of establishing a connection channel. It will be between the human brain and computers or other electronic devices. In this way, they will not depend on conventional brain information.

Those in charge of the laboratory are in charge of the Tianjin Municipal Government. They have the collaboration of Tianjin University and private companies. They said they expect it to become “an important source of independent innovation”. It will be a breakthrough in the field of human-computer interaction.

China is establishing breakthroughs in this technology.
China is establishing breakthroughs in this technology.


There are many advances that this technology seeks to achieve. For example, rehabilitation of disabled patients and assistance to the disabled. The aim is for patients to be able to give commands or communicate solely through brain waves.

The deputy director of the Tianjin Laboratory Agency is Ding Ruiqing. He explained to Science and Technology Daily SOME DETAILS. The biggest impediment to the development of human-computer interaction technology is innovation in key technologies.” And he stated, “We must resolve this impasse to make progress.” Human-machine interaction is a road of no return.

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