“I like Twitter, but Instagram’s virality is second to none.”

Author Miguel Gané

INTERVIEW with Miguel Gane (Romania, 1993), possibly one of the most popular young poets on social networks, platforms on which he publicizes his literary work and is in contact with experienced readers. It is considered a “content creator” as it also generates specific publications for its social platforms and ensures that Instagram is its social network of choice as it brings more virality through its content. He also likes Twitter, and although he asserts that Facebook “never knows where to get it,” he still trusts its power as a broadcast platform.

-Miguel, you are part of a new generation of writers who masterfully use social networks to keep in touch with their audiences. What does social media mean to you?

Social networks are an integral part of my job and that’s why I care so much about them. I’ve always seen it as a window the reader looks into before entering a bookstore.

Social networks are a window that the reader looks at before entering a bookstore

-How did the networks help you to make yourself known as a writer?

-They are a very valid platform. In the past, more traditional means were used to promote literature. The new movement of poets that we turned around and we decided to use platforms like Instagram or Twitter to interact with our readers and promote our work. In addition to writers, we are also content creators. As I said, the networks have helped a lot in my career.

-Which social networks do you use most often and why? What would be the favorite?

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, in that order. What I like best is Instagram. I think it’s the ideal network for the content that I create. It’s true that I like Twitter too, but the virality that can be achieved on Instagram is unmatched. I have Facebook because I still trust its power as a broadcast platform, even though it’s true that you never know where to get it. For example, posts that didn’t work on any of my networks could reach 5 million users on Facebook.

-Is it possible to separate privacy from work in social networks?

Yes, actually I keep it. You decide what to hang and what not to hang. I think that’s the limit: you have to be consistent with the published content. My platforms are literary and I think no one cares about my personal life other than what I write.

– In your poetry, your story, the emotional plays a fundamental role. Do you think that feelings, emotions … are also the basis for the relationships that are made in people on social networks?

Naturally. Nothing can move like a poem, video, or photo. Those who follow my reports do so because at some point my work touched them. And that seems valuable to me.

-It seems that negative feelings make more noise in certain networks, but … do you think they are the majority or that positive emotional ties outweigh the networks?

When we go to a concert there is always an instrument that sounds bad for a moment. The same goes for social media. Of course, positive bonds predominate, but the sound that can be made sometimes absorbs more force than music. And everyone is the one who has to decide which side they are on. I understood a long time ago that hating social networks is useless. And the most important thing is the concert, not a detuned guitar.

Hatred of social media is useless. And the most important thing is the concert, not a detuned guitar

-What is the most important thing when establishing this connection / conversation in the networks? Do you answer all of the readers who write to you?

I think I am sensitive. Let’s not forget that content creators are users too. I like to answer all of them because whenever I interact with someone I follow I want to receive one answer one at a time. Even if it’s a thank you.

– Of the negative effects of social networks … which ones do you deal with the most?

The impunity of the insult is regrettable. It seems that everything is free. I really do not like this. It also hurts a lot when families are involved. It’s a shame that they denigrate you for your work and that your mom has to see it …

– Tell us every positive anecdote that happened to you on the networks.

I’ve met a lot of people, I’ve taken part in a lot of actions, I’ve helped a lot of people, but I think I want to keep them to myself. I can only tell you that occasionally I was moved to tears with a message from people I didn’t know. And that’s valuable. Obviously, these people don’t know because I’m embarrassed and I feel like I should keep the guy.

-What are your next projects?

Right now I’m focusing on promoting my latest collection of poetry, Skin On Lips. The future is always … uncertain.

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