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Since it began to be published in 2009, the “Estudio de Redes Sociales” of IAB Spain, the association that manages and monitors online advertising in Spain, has become an undisputed reference in the sector to have access to updated data on the use of social networks in Spain.

Spain already has more than 30 million users of social networks.

The 2023 edition has been published, sponsored by Epsilon Technologies and Wuolah, and prepared in collaboration with the agency Elogia. These are the main conclusions of this new edition:

use of social networks in Spain

Conclusions IAB Social Networking Study.

Spain has more than 30 million social network users. This means that the penetration levels of these platforms remain stable, at levels prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the platforms most used by social network users in Spain, consolidating their position for yet another year.

The most active user groups on Social Networks are women, compared to men, and Internet users aged 18 to 34, compared to other age groups.

TikTok is one of the top five favorite social networks of Spanish users, registering significant growth in the last year.

In terms of usage time, on average, Spaniards use the networks for approximately 1 hour a day.

The cell phone continues to be the main device for connecting to Social Networks.

The frequency with which users use Social Networks to follow brands is increasing, while 1 in 2 users follow influencers on Social Networks.

Generation Z is the generation with the highest use of Social Networks: 6.5 networks on average.

44% of users search for information on Social Networks before making a purchase.

Professionals use social networks to generate branding, sell and provide customer service.

You can access the study here.

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