IAB Top Digital Trends 2024

Like every year, the advertising, marketing and digital communication association in Spain (IAB Spain), has presented the 2024 annual edition of its Top Digital Trends report.

The report, which complements the IAB's annual Social Networks Study and which this year was carried out with the sponsorship of Adevinta Spain, offers a global vision of the market and analyzes the keys to digital business in 2024 related to different areas. . They are the following:

-Digital audio: The podcast industry will continue to grow in 2024, but focusing more on specialization – niche podcasts will emerge and consolidate – and the creation of communities. Interactive podcasts, real-time polls, and the use of augmented reality or virtual reality tools will increase to enhance the podcast listening experience. The IAB also foresees an increase in the number of platforms developing new monetization models for digital audio.

-Branded Content: Artificial Intelligence tools will allow you to create content for Branded Content campaigns more efficiently. Hybrid experiences – which do not separate the offline and online worlds – will increase engagement, reach and popularity, creating emotional connections between the brand and the audience. Furthermore, in 2024 the Branded Podcast format will be consolidated, offering valuable content to the listener linked to a brand.

-Data: Customer Data Platform (CDP) technologies will increasingly be used, leveraging and better managing data to deliver personalized experiences. In addition, Data Clean Rooms will be a trend for addressing critical data privacy and security challenges. In addition, tools for measuring and calculating the environmental impact of digital advertising will become even more important this year.

-DOOH (Digital Out of Home): Programmatic will be a trend in 2024 and both agencies and advertisers will bet more on it. Artificial Intelligence will allow outdoor campaigns to be managed more appropriately. Additionally, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) in conjunction with programmatic buying will allow for greater levels of customization and efficiency.

-Ecommerce: E-commerce platforms will be migrated to SaaS technologies (Software as a Service) and CRM will be more than a loyalty tool and will allow the design of powerful attraction, retention and recommendation mechanisms to increase the Live Time Value (LTV) of data.

-Esports: Augmented Reality in Esports allows you to improve the fan experience and achieve a greater connection with the viewer. New forms of fan loyalty will be created through rewards.

-Legal: The protection of personal data will be fundamental in the strategies of the companies that make up the digital advertising ecosystem and it is expected that the EU will carry out greater legislative action in the digital field.

-Affiliate Marketing: Rise of Retail Media as an opportunity, so that affiliates can see the products through the scraps. Bet on the quality of the actions, identifying anomalous behavior of the data.

-Influence Marketing: AI will also change marketing campaigns with influencers, both in the development of content and in the process of finding the right influencer according to the needs of each campaign. Engagement, interaction and conversion will increase in importance as key metrics.

-Metaverse: In 2024, important advances will be seen in the Metaverse linked to spatial computing and the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence. They will be more sophisticated projects, of higher quality, capable of blending into the real world, and with a better user experience.

-Programmatic: According to the IAB, Total Video will be the solution to impact Light TV viewers by strategically combining all video-based channels and helping buyers maximize the reach and effectiveness of their audiovisual campaigns. Contextual segmentation will be consolidated as an effective strategy based on first party data and which consists of showing ads based on the content of the pages.

-Native Advertising: Native editorial advertising with capabilities based on Generative Artificial Intelligence will improve performance and real benefit for Advertisers.

-Social networks: Branded Content and storytelling, platforms are gaining importance as new information seekers and as future shopping spaces. Feed interaction will move to private spaces and channels such as instant messaging tools.

-Retail Media: It is an essential tool to provide value to both retailers and buyers, and data will be one of the axes of its development. The use of Artificial Intelligence tools will also be key to achieving actionable insights and effective and scalable Retail Media strategies.

-Sustainability: Sustainable models of transportation, packaging, etc. The consumer will increasingly choose suppliers and delivery models that respect the environment.

-Connected TV: Increase in FAST channels, with free content, and an increase in versions with advertising from large international operators.

-Online Video: Generative Artificial Intelligence tools will allow you to create or edit more personalized video pieces in a more sustainable way in terms of costs and efforts.

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